Monday, June 7, 2010

The Gospel

The Gospel is good news which is always good and always new. Why? The Gospel is the plan and will of God. Under this Divine plan, Jesus' ministry on earth is not an accident. We don't view his death just a "great sacrifice" of a spiritual giant in history. We don't follow Jesus who is like some remarkable gurus in history. We don't worship Jesus like the witchcraft who perform supernatural and dramatic miracles. Jesus is the son of God, the works and the words of Jesus have been planned by God. This is the eternal will of God that Jesus came to this world to save sinner and those who believe in Him will become the children of God. The first and foremost of the will of God for humankind is through Jesus Christ, we connect to God and have fellowship with Him. Why should we need God in the first place? the answer is very simple, we need God because he is our source of life, our ground of existence and destiny of our living. The main thing we believe is God has sent Jesus Christ into this world to proclaim to us the plan and the will God that God is love and this love is manifested in the life of Jesus who is the Christ, our savior.

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