Saturday, June 5, 2010

Difficult Task

Discovering God's Will is one of the most difficult tasks any christian must experience. In the Old Testament,God spoke to Moses in the burning bush, Gideon with the fleece and Saul with thunder and lightening.How does God speak to us today? Conventional pattern says that God has a plan for our lives, the secret to the victorious Christian life is to discover what is the plan of God for you and following it.The beauty of this conventional wisdom is that God loves us, he has everything micro-managed the life of each of His children. However, seeking God's individual will is a difficult task. What make you so sure this and that decisions are the will of God for you. This is the problem posted by the gift of prophecy. Such gift was greatly misused among christian circle, and some christian even become victims of this gift."God wants me to tell you" kind of speech keep many Christians in confusion and illusion.I believe that the Bible admonishes its readers to see not God's individual will, but the wisdom to make good decisions based on the good, wisdom, expediency,reason and available opportunities.

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